Can chocolate make you look 30 years younger?

Can chocolate make you look 30 years younger?


Esthechoc is a newly-developed chocolate that can actually help you preserve your youthfulness and look younger. It was developed by scientists at the University of Cambridge, who argue that it can make a 50-year old look 20 or 30 years younger!

The secret behind Esthehoc seemingly miraculous properties is an antioxidant that improves the skin physiology. Esthehoc chocolate is based on 70% cocoa dark chocolate (which is also an antioxidant on its own), and marine carotenoid astaxanthin, found in the Alaskan salmon. One 7.5g piece of Esthehoc contains astaxanthin amounting to 300g of wild salmon, and flavanol activity equivalent to 100g of dark chocolate. This combination has powerful anti-aging properties and can boost the oxygen delivery to the tissues, thus improving the respiration and effectively supporting skin health.

The technology was developed by Cambridge scientists and is currently being offered by a spin-off commercial company by the name of Cambridge Chocolate Technologies. The unique formula is the result of extensive independent research on the relationship between cocoa polyphenols and free radicals.

There have been clinical trials that seem to demonstrate the effectiveness of this new anti-aging supplement. Volunteers that ate the chocolate daily for four weeks showed less inflammation in their blood and increased blood supply to their tissues. Esthehoc was also able to reverse the age-related depression of microcirculation in the participants. The good news is that each block contains around 40 calories, and ingestion of a piece does not result in the postprandial lipid- or hyperglycemia, meaning that it doesn’t contribute to calorie concerns. This makes the Esthehoc not only especially effective as an anti-aging supplement, but also suitable for diabetics.

Researchers, participating in the experiments, confirmed that the ingestion of Esthehoc improved the skin’s physiology. However, it’s unlikely that Esthehoc will appear on the market soon, at least not in the corner shops, so to speak. The price is still not announced officially, but the product is targeted to wealthy businessmen and women – “affluent and educated city-dwelling women”, which suggests a hefty price tag. It would also require regular use, which would make the product even more expensive.

Despite the tremendous success, some scientists are still not entirely convinced and believe that more research is needed to confirm the miraculous anti-aging properties of Esthehoc. There is a biological reason linking the compounds in Esthehoc and the prevention of aging. The astaxanthin molecule, for instance, neutralizes the free radicals, responsible for the aging of the skin and is hundreds of times more effective than vitamin E or green tea. Cocoa, on the other hand, is rich in a substance known as flavanol, and is also well-known for its anti-aging and antioxidant properties. The Esthehoc has a high concentration of both ingredients, which means double the power. It is also true, however, that eating too much chocolate can lead to obesity. Moreover, previous research suggests that astaxanthin works better when applied directly to the face, rather than ingested.

Scientists are not yet entirely convinced of the incredible powers of Esthehoc chocolate and the verdict is still not clear. There is a strong biological basis behind the claims, and the clinical trials conducted so far seem to support the hypothesis. Esthehoc is now shipped commercially and should be available by the biggest cosmetic brands, but it’s unlikely that it will be consumed on a national scale. More clinical trials are needed and would most certainly be conducted to test whether Esthehoc is really the miracle anti-aging substance we are all looking for.